Territories which are countryside and rugged forest in remote areas are hard to monitor in real time. A fire inside these forests have devastating effects and it will be very hard to contain the forest fires within the critical first period.

A IoT wireless sensor network that analyze the environment, taking into account:

  • Position
  • Wind
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO2
  • CO

Can effectively find and pinpoint forest fires.

Even predict them with AI technology once in place – the AI needs to record a normal data set first from the exact area before predictions can be made.

Once in place the sensors capture and transmit the information via LoRaWAN to monitor vast areas in our CRM. Increasing the local resilience and enabling managers to read the landscape and forests in real time.

The sensors high performance makes the readings accurate every minute and data transmission is highly reliable and encrypted as the sensors can transmited to any gateway, even private public gateways such as the things network that is also encrypted.

Our partner OCCDEC AB has developed Gateways and sensors to even detect poaching and other activities in the areas.