Schneider Electric EcoStruxture Gateway for Device Security Assessment

The Assessment Tool is a security leap forward for SNMP that the world needed in decades. It will have a global impact in securing forgotten, badly configured or obsolete devices on any network. 

  • 3rd party SNMP integration
  • Security configuration guidance
  • Firmware control
  • EOL/Replacement suggestion

Real tests have shown that no human can correctly configure even medium networks correctly and not even small networks are a 100% even with a CISSP qualified survey as human error is a factor of only 99.7% configuration.

Imagine any network where one device have 200 parameters (one UPS have around 500). We say you have 20 devices. That is 200×20=4000 parameters.
A CISSP working with 99.7% efficiency on 20 devices produces 12 faults.

  • Control your SNMP environment with 100% control
  • Get a detailed list of all vulnerable devices
  • Control 10ths of thousands devices from the same summary interface

The security is a great way to emphasis this product, but the time savings are enormous.

  • Go from 25 minutes to 3 minutes in configuration time, or even bulk
  • Get notified when firmware, settings and logs change or reset
  • Get the vulnerable EOL devices replaced in time

Never worry about your infrastructure and power devices again as the configuration guide gives you compliance without previous knowledge:

  • Follow ISO 27000/27001
  • Follow NIST


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