We try to solve the customers needs, not only by creating the product the customer wants, but also by suggesting a strategy for a long term sustainability and steady revenue increase. Maybe partner up for mutual synergy effects. Or just change direction altogether.
We strive to make our customer spend time where they earn, or do, most good.


Linespotting is the technical innovation and product development company with a number of brands.

Here at Linespotting we develop everything from Applications to Security Solutions. We help Big and Small brands and companies alike, from global Schneider to local SEMkonsult in little Sweden. We strive to cut costs and harden security at the same time for the projects we are involved in.

I would like easy to use interfaces with collaborating APIs charge for the service you use. Solving these problems are not yet at hand, but blockchain is showing the way in how to debit efficiently without the crippeling monopoly of banks.


Coming from a corporate, governmental, military,  and private market we have a few points to look at when producing a project:

Why does the customer want to use the product/service?

How does the product effect the environment/humans?

Have this been tried before?

How do you produce the service/product in the most efficient way?

Is there any long term revenue in the business model?

When or if do you exit?

Can you do something else that have better end revenue?

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