AI Big Data Diet
AI can play a significant role in improving healthy diets by analyzing large amounts of data related to food and nutrition. With access to extensive food databases, AI algorithms can help individuals make more informed decisions about what they eat, tailoring their diets to their individual needs and preferences.
AI Green House
AI control offer numerous benefits for greenhouse management, particularly when it comes to promoting eco-friendliness and sustainability. By automating and optimizing various aspects of greenhouse operation using AI, growers can achieve higher yields while also reducing their environmental impact.
Power Save Me
AI technology project to regulate energy usage in homes, reducing energy consumption and save costs. There are various ways AI can be used for energy regulation in homes, including any house hold appliances to inverters to create a fully functioning global ecosystem that reduces and balances energy grids.
Schneider Electric – EcoStruxture gateway
Schneider Electric EcoStruxture Gateway for Device Security Assessment. The Assessment Tool is a security leap forward for SNMP that the world needed for decades. It will have a global impact in securing forgotten, badly configured or obsolete devices on any network. 3rd party SNMP integration, Security configuration guidance, Firmware control and EOL/Replacement suggestion
Forest Fire Prevention and Monitoring Sensors – IoT
Territories which are countryside and rugged forest in remote areas are hard to monitor in real time. A fire inside these forests have devastating effects and it will be very hard to contain the forest fires within the critical first period. IoT wireless sensor grid that analyze the environment: Position, Wind, Temperature, Humidity, CO2 and CO. Effectively find and pinpoint forest fires.
Corona Thermal and Voice AI Analytics Detection
Linespotting is advising OCCDEC AB in developing an enhanced virus infection detection system for Corona through its global network. “With Hikvisions advanced fever detection thermal cameras DS-2TD series and OCCDECs world competitive AI analytics for coughing, both systems can help each other reduce the number of false positives and increase the number of critical Corona cases.”
Triangulating sounds and sending notifications to the police, local guards and neighbors. HELP! + local languages “HJÄLP!” in Swedish as an example Gun Shots, Explosions and Glass breaking. Helping people quickly when they are need is the key feature for this system. Using AI that constantly analyzes sound can detect and triangulate an assault or gun shot instantly.
The FLIR ONE PRO is a small flexible thermal camera with a consumer market price, and a professional capability with 3x temperature spots.
Reading out the Top, Average and Low temperatures plus marking doors and corners – you can easily calculate heat input and heat dissipation from a room. Settings: Heating type – ex Floor heating, Door areas, Light sources.
Receptblock delivers prescriptions on all platforms. For mobile doctors writing prescriptions and instantly pushing it to all Swedish pharmacies. Two application will be developed: Receptblock for all doctors, nurses and veterinarians. And one for long term prescriptions where the recipients have multiple prescriptions every week, usable for all personnel.
ONE RJ45 connector for Faster install times. No extra AC adapter to power microphone. No external parts. PCB design can be used with any POE camera to power any microphone. Auto detecting and auto switching to all POE standards. Audio and video in the same onvif stream out UHD Camera for the highest quality. Automatic IR LED & Filter for Night day mode up to 20m gives you the highest quality.
Zecuri Malta
Built with AI technology from the ground up. Competitors such as Alberta have old legacy technology such as Standard Definition cameras while Zecuri offers HD1, Full HD and UHD/4k cameras in their lineup. Zecuri will be the first to offer Occasion Detection via sound on Malta. With three or more devices we will also be able to triangulate the exact location of breaking glass, shouts for help and any shots fired.
Polis.Tips is a Swedish initiative to increase all age access to crime reporting from smartphones via AI analytics to consolidate data for the police. Report crime instantly via mobile. Easy interface for young and old while anonymous. Video, pictures and photos are delivered to the police within a minute the app will work very much like adding a photo in any social media app and will be usable for any age.
C02 World Calculator
Global coverage: The app allows users to calculate their CO2 emissions for any country in the world. Accuracy: The application use accurate and up-to-date data to calculate CO2 emissions and forest absorption. Ease of use: The app is easy to use and navigate for color blind and normal users. Data visualization: The app includes a globe that shows users their CO2 emissions relative to other countries. Personalization: App allow users to create a profile and track their CO2 emissions over time.
VAT Balance
The app calculate the VAT balance for a business based on: The total value of sales made in a period The total value of purchases made in a period The VAT rate applicable to sales and purchases The amount of VAT that has been paid to the tax authorities The app is also be able to show a breakdown on the VAT balance: Sales invoices issued Sales invoices received VAT payments made to the tax authorities VAT refunds received from the tax authorities
I Ching
Shows calculations and events as a valuable tool to learn more I Ching and how to use it in real life. Calculation: Users can calculate their own I Ching readings using coins. Then displays the result and text, along with an explanation of the hexagram's meaning. Events: Allow users to record events in their lives and associate them with their I Ching readings. This help users to track how the I Ching is speaking to them over time and their readings are related to experiences.
Drug Growing Prevention
Detecting drug growing operations using AI and analyzing factors such as electricity use and the number of people living at an address can be approached in the following way: Data Collection: Relevant data points are gathered, such as electricity consumption records and information about the number of occupants at a particular address. This information can be obtained from utility companies, government databases, or other sources.
AI Auto Mower System
An AI automower system is a technology that combines artificial intelligence and robotic automation to mow lawns and maintain outdoor spaces without human intervention. These systems are typically used for residential or commercial properties and offer a convenient and efficient way to keep lawns looking neat and well-manicured. Saving energy and costs while also keeping noise low during sensitive sleeping hours creates a better environment.
Custom Obsidian Knives
Handmade crafted obsidian custom knives are unique and beautiful. Obsidian is a volcanic glass that can be chipped and flaked into sharp blades. It was used by ancient civilizations to make tools and weapons, and is still used by some cultures. Custom obsidian knives are hand made by skilled artisans who use a variety of techniques to shape and sharpen the blades. The blades can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes. The handles are often made from exotic materials.
AI adwords
AIAdwords is an innovative tool designed to revolutionize the way Google ad creators work. By harnessing the power of advanced artificial intelligence, AIAdwords aims to significantly reduce the time and effort required to create compelling, effective ads for Google's advertising platform. This tool is not only a boon for seasoned advertising professionals but also a game-changer for small businesses and individuals looking to maximize online presence.
PokeRAIDchat is an innovative online app platform designed to revolutionize the way players connect and participate in raids within the popular mobile game, Pokémon GO. This project addresses a key challenge faced by players globally: efficiently organizing and participating in raid battles, which are crucial for catching rare Pokémon and completing the game's challenges and making new friends to group up and play with in the world of Pikachu.
Shamanic Drum Journey
Shamanic Drum Journey is an innovative and immersive audio-visual project designed to facilitate deep meditation and spiritual exploration. This project leverages the ancient practice of shamanic drumming to guide individuals on a transformative journey through the three mystic worlds, commonly referred to in shamanic traditions: the Lower World, the Upper World, and the Middle World. Helping you with disconnecting from the physical world and visualizing your journey.
Energy Price
Energy Price will serve as a crucial tool for energy suppliers, businesses, and consumers, aiding in budget planning and energy consumption strategies. It will enable users to anticipate and respond to price fluctuations, promoting more efficient energy use and supporting cost-saving measures. Moreover, it can aid in reinforcing the grid's stability by predicting demand peaks and troughs, thus contributing to sustainable energy management.
Pro AI
Digital assistants like Alexa and Google Home have become household staples, concerns regarding data privacy and compliance with regulations like GDPR have become significant. Addressing these concerns, we introduce Pro AI, a smart assistant that defines privacy. Pro AI is functions similarly to popular smart assistants but process and store all data locally. This ensures full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protecting users privacy.
Click Training
Click Training revolutionizes the world of sports shooting through a combination of app-technology and innovative hardware. Specifically designed to enhance the skills of shooters in fast-paced scenarios, utilizing a turnable target system. This comprehensive training solution offers an unparalleled experience for professional marksmen. At the core of Click Training is a specially designed turnable paper target. This target is engineered to rotate swiftly, simulating real-life shooting scenarios.
Sinfra, a consortium that functions at the intersection of governmental institutions and private companies, has developed a unique operational model based on symbiotic relationships and the mutual promotion of sales and services within its network. Research relationships, employing cutting-edge data analytics to map, quantify, and interpret the web of connections that facilitate the organization’s distinctive membership kickbacks. Identify and understand the dynamics that drive sales promotion within the network, and to ensure that such practices benefit the organization while adhering to Swedish law.
Lantmäteriet RH2000
The Lantmäteriet RH2000 project is an ambitious IT initiative aimed at enhancing the accuracy and consistency of height data management within the Swedish building environment. It addresses the critical need for a reliable system that can efficiently compare and correct height data from two separate systems used by municipalities and construction stakeholders. In the complex world of urban planning and construction, precise height information is essential. Accurate height data ensures that buildings are constructed to the correct specifications, aligning with safety standards and environmental regulations.
Airforce Meditation
Airforce Meditation is a 30+ year proven revolutionary meditation method designed to provide users with a unique and effective approach to stress management, better sleep, and improved mental resilience. The app draws inspiration from the Swedish Air Force's innovative stress management technique known as UGL (Utvecklande Gruppledning or Developmental Group Leadership). This technique, originally developed for Air Force pilots, has been remarkably successful in reducing accidents to nearly zero by integrating transcendental meditation and active stress management strategies.
Godaddy to Cloud
The Scalable WordPress Cloud project is a comprehensive prestudy aimed at analyzing and comparing three of the leading cloud service providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This project focuses on determining the most economical and scalable options for hosting WordPress web server installations. Included in the project is also the scope of moveability of scalable dockers and Kubernetes containers for easy provider movability between local servers and the different cloud providers, lowering the cost to a maximum.
Modular Housing Fuel Cells
The Modular Housing with Fuel Cells project represents a revolutionary step in sustainable housing development. This project aims to integrate the efficiency of modular construction techniques with the eco-friendly energy generation capabilities of fuel cells. By doing so, it seeks to offer a scalable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective housing solution for a wide range of demographics. The project is a co-joint venture between Estonia, Finland and Sweden using the most quality focused companies in each country that are at the peak of innovation.
Spelterapi är ett innovativt terapiprogram utvecklat för att ge stöd och behandling till individer som kämpar med spelberoende. Detta projekt fokuserar särskilt på beroende av digitala spel, inklusive de som spelas på mobiltelefoner, PC, konsoler, eller en kombination av dessa plattformar. Målgrupp: Vår primära målgrupp är individer som upplever att deras spelande på digitala plattformar har blivit ett problem. Detta inkluderar människor i alla åldersgrupper och från alla samhällsskikt som känner att deras spelvanor har negativa konsekvenser för deras dagliga liv.